Nazoranai, Keiji Haino, Stephen O’Malley & Oren Ambarch

Saturday 8 June 2013
Stereo, Glasgow
In association with Cry Parrot // Nazoranai + Keiji Haino + Stephen O’Malley + Oren Ambarchi + Ger Reid

naz2“It brings tonight full circle to the searing rush of their opening throes and leaving a final impression of three unhinged masters doing what they do best, a commendable encore to an already astounding performance that plumbed darkness and came out on the other side gleaming.”
Dave Bowes, The Sleeping Shamen.

This blistering performance is part of AC Project’s Counterflows’ Series of events in 2013 celebrating the amazing exploits of some of the artists we work with. Thanks to Cry Parrot for working with us on this one.

"apocalyptically loud"
Herald Scotland