Counterflows 2012

Friday 6 April / Sat 7 April / Sun 8 April 2012
Mono / Stereo / the Arches / CCA / Saint Andrews in the Square / The Kinning Park Complex
Early Songs + Michael Gira + Grouper + Diamond Catalog + Torsten Lauschmann with Red Note Ensemble + Film Screening: La Faute des Fleurs + Josephine Foster + Sven-Åke Johansson + Kim Doo Soo + Michael Hurley + Cry Parrot’s Late Night Counterflows: Caspar Brotzmann’s Massaker + Kazuki Tomokawa + Margareth Kammerer + Bill Wells’ National Jazz Trio of Scotland + Tracer Trails’ afternoon

Sven-ake“Counterflows is an essential addition to the Scottish music calendar, presenting experimental music in a range of contexts and making connections between the local and the international. Running the festival across Glasgow, London and Berlin is a fantastic idea, as it allows for an exchange of knowledge, contacts and ideas which can only make the festival stronger in future. By showing Scotland to the world, and the world to Scotland, Counterflows actively contributes to the ongoing vibrancy of our music and arts scene.”

Stewart Smith, Freelance writer/Music Fan.

“That may well be the finest weekend of music Glasgow has ever seen. Alasdair Campbell, you put on a hell of a festival.”
Alistair Beith, audience member.

“Easily the most concentrated cultural pleasure I’ve experienced in this city for some time. Already looking forward to the next one.”
Craig Woods, audience member.

Counterflows did everything that its moniker suggested, and more. It celebrated the movement of cultures – from Falkirk to Japan, from America to Spain, from Germany to Glasgow and back again; it mapped existing cultural links while forging new routes, and creating new art; it brought artists to the UK and Europe for extremely rare performances (Kim Doo Soo, Michael Hurley, Kazuki Tomokawa); it gave a platform to highly-anticipated artists whose names will become better-known in the coming years (Grouper, Early Songs); it illuminated, and united, local and global grassroots movements; it inhabited amazing spaces, from churches to community halls. Most of all, though, Counterflows offered a programme of brilliant, challenging, accessible music and art. Without it this year, there would have been a hole in our music calendars, and cultural appetites, and hearts.
Nicola Meighan, Freelance Music Journalist – The Herald, The List, Mojo, The Quietus.