Counterflows Residency 2013: Annette Krebs & Janie Nicholl

Saturday 24th April 2013
CCA, Glasgow
A performance of the piece produced on the residency followed by a public talk with the artists discussing their creative process.

krebsThe first Counterflows residency confirmed that space to experiment in a process rather than output (or product) oriented environment creates fertile territory for artists…and producers. Here we were using – for us – untested methodologies to bring together two artists from different disciplines, cities, countries to attempt to create a frisson in real time within the context of the festival environment. Janie and Annette were forced into a highly charged but closely facilitated space where they were able to challenge their assumptions, their practice and ultimately to relate to one another in order to make something completely new. It’s interesting that they chose to focus on language, because ultimately these few days were about dialogue and understanding. There’s huge potential here: there are things we didn’t (know to) explore and that we’ll come back to next year. To have two artists working in a foreshortened period of time to create something for a festival where carefully sculpted, finished pieces are being shown is in and of itself interesting. We can play more with this, centralising the act of making within an environment of the made.
Suzy Glass, Producer

Berlin's electroacoustic composer Annette Krebs teamed up with Glasgow-based visual artist Janie Nicoll for the 2013 Counterflows residency.