Counterflows Festival 2013

Friday 23 April / Saturday 24 April / Sunday 25 April 2013
CCA / Stereo / St Andrews in the Square / Glad Café / Queen's Park / Southside Studios
Annette Krebs + Rie NakaJima + Peter Brotzman & Paal Nilssen-Love + Fuaim is Solas + Death Shanties + Phill Niblock & Thomas Ankersmit + Lina Lapelyte’s Candy Shop + Janie Nicoll & Annette Krebs Residency + Sami Sanpakkila + Jarse + Hector Bizerk + Kan Mikami + Alex Neilson + Jandek + Gareth Dickson + lllλ + Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille

RieNakajimaCounterflows 2013 brought a glittering array of artists together to explore music, art and much more. Continuing to develop networks of underground like-minded souls from across the world, Counterflows 2013 offered a programme of events that engaged in work by artists across genres, who share a cross cultural approach to the creation of new music and ideas.

Counterflows 2013 explored the nuances in contemporary experimental music making by bringing together artists from across the globe to perform and exchange ideas with local practitioners and audiences.

AC Projects gratefully acknowledges the support of Creative Scotland, PRS for music Foundation, The Goethe Institut Glasgow and all the venues and people involved in putting the festival together.

"It's smoky basement jazz bars in Krakow; chess games and cigarettes, and all things nocturnal, whimsical, covert."
Alasdair Campbell, AC Projects