Counterflows Festival 2014

Friday 4th / Saturday 5th / Sunday 6th April 2014
Garnet Hill Community Centre / CCA / Fleming House Underground Car Park / Glad Café / Govanhill Baths
Currently booking artists and will start to announce them soon.

DeathShanties-cropThe third installment of Counterflows is in a healthy gestation period. We have got some new collaborations and commissions lined up and we will be spreading our activities to new venues around Glasgow. The second Counterfows residency will happen again at the CCA and next year we will be looking at a very old fashioned sounding term a musician in residence. Café Oto continue to be our creative partners drawing on their rich seam of experience. What a programme they continue to put on! We will also continue working with fantastic local promoters Cry Parrot and other producers.

Counter-flow [′kau̇nt·ər‚flō] noun
Counterflow is the movement of cultures from one place to another brought by mobile subjects (migrants) that can have a positive or negative impact or effect on society